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What is GeekFight?

GeekFight! Trivia Night is where obsessive pop knowledge = free drinks and prizes!

Do you know which Eraserheads song title also refers to a classic surrealist film?
Are you familiar with The Tipping Point, remix culture, and TED Talks?
Can you differentiate between a Terminator, a Replicant, and a (humanoid) Cylon?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then you might already be a qualified GeekFighter!

More than just an ordinary Metro Manila pub quiz, GeekFight! Trivia Night is a chance to show off the extent of your personal info obsessions, and earn free booze and noms*, while you’re at it.

There are two variants of GeekFight! Trivia Night in Metro Manila: GeekFight Classic is hosted and prepared by event founder Paolo Cruz, and is held at a variety of establishments. Committee GeekFight is handled by a select team of GeekFight veterans, and it holds its monthly games at Quantum Cafe in Makati.

The Committee is currently composed of: Carlo Casas, Caroline Dy, Denice De Guzman, Mika Fabella, Dante Gagelonia, Kenji Inukai, Patton Lucas, Mia Marci, Emmanuel Micaller, Rory Morales, Regina Layug-Rosero and JR Santos.

* Disclaimer: the extent of the prizes may vary from one quiz to the next.